Market Report

Market Report – Weaner & Feeder Feature Sale

Thursday 25th of June 2020

 Weaner & Feeder Feature Sale!

The last of our feature weaner sales for the year drew around 1170 head of cattle with very strong competition from Southern Queensland, Northern Tablelands, North West NSW and Upper Hunter buyers. Market trends were firm to dearer across the board, with feeders and light weight weaner especially strong.

Feeder steers over 400kg topped at 410c/kg and averaged 373c/kg, while lighter feeders from 300kg to 400kg sold to a top of 430c/kg.

Weaner steers from 200kg to 280kg sold exceptionally well, topping at 560c/kg, with Angus steers generally making from 460c/kg to 490/kg, while Euro and crossbred steers made from 430c/kg to 485c/kg.

Lightweight weaner steers under 200kg reached 518c/kg, with most sales ranging between 470c/kg and 510c/kg.

Around 450 heifers were yarded, with heavy heifers over 300kg selling to a very respectable 400c/kg. Heifers from 200kg to 280kg topped at 452c/kg for a pen of Charolais heifers while most sales ranged between 360c/kg and 435c/kg. Light heifers under 200kg were very strong, selling to 516.2c/kg with most lines of lightweight Angus and Angus X heifers making between420c/kg and 500c/kg.

Market Report – Fat Sale & Market Day

Thursday 18th of June 2020

  Last Market Day & Fat Sale for the 2020 Financial Year!

A smaller yarding of just under 750 mixed quality cattle met with very strong competition at last Thursday’s Fat Sale & Market Day, with cattle going to the upper Hunter, northern Tablelands, north west New South Wales and south west Queensland. The market showed a dearer trend for all classes, especially feeders, light weight weaner steers and store cows.

Lightweight weaner steers up to 200kg topped at 535.2c/kg, up 20 cents on last sale, with most steers selling from 480c/kg to 530c/kg while similar weight heifers were up to 40 cents better, mostly making between 420c/kg to 510c/kg.

Medium weight weaner calves from 200kg to 280kg were up 10 cents on last sale, reaching 500c/kg with most between 430c/kg and 480c/kg, while similar weight heifers sold from 410c/kg and 452c/kg.

Light yearling heifers topped at 444.2c/kg, which was firm while trade heifers topped at 412c/kg.

Feeder steers got to a top of 415.2c/kg, mostly making 370c/kg to 400c/kg, while the few heavy bullocks sold to 320c/kg.

A smaller yarding of cows sold strongly – store cows topped at 308.2c/kg for a pen of Angus cows from Four O’ Eight Angus, up to 20 cents on last sale, while the best heavy cows made 320c/kg.

Bulls topped at 340c/kg and averaged 273c/kg.

Market Report – Store & Breeder Sale

Saturday 13th of June 2020

Last Store Sale for the Financial Year!

A smaller yarding than last Store Sale, with around 330 mixed quality cattle penned. The line up again met with solid demand, especially the preg-tested females.

Around 70 steers were yarded with Lee Thorpe’s Angus X feeder steers topping this section at $1460. Weaner Steers sold from $840 to $1180 for the better quality types, while a young Angus bull sold for $2000.

A much smaller line-up of around 50 cows and calves sold strongly, topping at $2160 for a single Euro X unit, while Santa X cows and calves made $2060 and Ken Avery’s single Angus unit made $2120. Most cows and calves sold from $1460 to $2100.

There was a very good quality line up preg-tested cows and heifers, with Charolais heifers topping this section at $2320. Keith Murray’s excellent line up of red tag Limousin cows made $1860, while Michael Clayworth preg-tested Charolais X heifers made $1800. Most cows made between $950 and $1600. Unjoined heifers sold to $1220, while a lovely pen of Brangus/Angus yearling heifers belonging to Rick & Fran Hooper also made $1220. Weaner heifers sold from $600 to $990.

Market Report – Fat Sale & Market Day

Thursday 4th of June 2020


 Weaner and Feeder Market Strong!

1400 head were yarded at last Thursday’s regular Fat Sale and Market Day. Cattle met with a very strong market for weaners and feeder cattle, while the export market was back 10-20 cents, in line with state-wide trends this week.

A good line up of lighter weaner calves up to 200kg saw the market lift 35 cents on last sale, with lightweight Angus steer calves selling to a top of 515.2c/kg and similar weight heifers topping at 486c/kg. Most steer sales ranged from 450c/kg to 500c/kg with their heifer counterparts ranging from 390c/kg to 460c/kg.

Medium weight weaner steers up to 280kg were up to 40 cents stronger than last sale, with the best making 490c/kg, while the heifer portion sold to 430c/kg.

Overall, light weight calves under 200kg averaged 432c/kg and calves from 200kg to 280kg averaged 409c/kg, making for a great result!

Trade heifers over 300kg topped at 426c/kg, up to 28 cents on last sale, while around 230 grown steers saw light feeders up to 400kg top at an impressive 472.2c/kg. Lastly heavy feeders over 400kg made a top of 402.2c/kg - a 14 cent jump on last sale.

We penned close to 200 cows which saw the lighter store cows sell firm on last sale, topping at 286c/kg, while medium cows up to 520kg sold slightly cheaper, up to 286c/kg. Heavy cows were back 20 cents topping at 280c/kg.

Bulls got 315c/kg and averaging 262c/kg, again back 20 cents on last sale.

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