Thursday 6th of May 2021

Fat Sale & Market Day


A mixed quality yarding of 770 head, with 2/3 of the yarding consisting of vealers, weaner and yearlings. A solid market throughout with the bulk of the cattle going to backgrounders across the northern half of the state.

Cows saw solid buyer demand with store cows selling to 324.2c/kg and averaging 271c/kg, while heavy cows topped at 300c/kg to average 281c/kg.

Bulls averaged 295.3c/kg overall.

Yearling and trade heifers over 330kg sold to 494.2c/kg, averaging 398.3c/kg, while a good line up of grown steers saw the best of the feeders over 400kg top at 436.2c/kg. Most sales were made between 370c/kg to 430c/kg.

Weaner calves again met with very strong competition. Light steer weaners under 200kg sold to 705.2c/kg, with most good quality British and Euro lines making from 580c/kg to 680c/kg. The light weight weaner heifers generally made from 550c/kg to 660c/kg.

Steer calves from 200kg to 280kg topped at 634c/kg, with most selling from 550c/kg to 620c/kg, while the heifers sold from 480c/kg to 620c/kg.

Heavier weaners over 280kg topped at 540c/kg.

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