Market Report

Market Report – Weaner Sale

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Great Quality Lineup of Weaners Meet Strong Field of Buyers!
Our annual weaner sale on Thursday 2nd April saw a great quality lineup of weaners and with the fact the season condition has only turned around in the last 3 months, the vendors need to be congratulated with the presentation of the weaners.

1096 calves met a market with a strong field of buyers competing with the 15 online registered bidders. As a side note, there were 153 viewers online as well.

John Small from Warbro topped the steer section with a red baldy steer making $1,438. MA Robinson from Coffs Harbour topped the heifers with 5 charlolais heifers making $1,354.

Some of the steer highlights were:

  • a pen of 23 Angus steers sold by Raymond & Robyn Clarke weighing 240kg, made 454 cents, returning $1,089 and purchased by Elders Guyra

  • Diane Latham from Glenrock, Kempsey sold 9 black baldy steers weighing 286kg for 446 cents to return $1,275

  • Killuke Pastoral from Crescent Head sold 11 Angus calves, 161kg for 438 cents returning $705

The weaner steers averaged 424 cents/kg.

Some of the highlights from the heifers:

  • Robert Johnston from Taylors Arm sold 10 Angus heifers, 274kg for 402 cents to return $1,101

  • Jenny Jones from Austral Eden sold 19 charolais heifers, 257kg for 420 cents returning $1,081. Also, the brothers weighing 280kg made 428 cents returning $1,200 and went to Tamworth through Garvin & Cousens

  • The Ruprecht family sold 10 Limo Angus cross heifers weighing 188kg made 384 cents returning $721

The weaner heifers averaged 374 cents/kg.

Across the whole sale, the average was 405 cents/kg.


Market Report – Fat Sale & Market Day

Thursday 26th of March 2020

 Market Holds Firm as Covid-19 Regulations Thin the Crowd!

 Another big yarding of 1650 head at last Thursday’s Regular Fat Sale and Market Day, with a limited crowd in attendance due to the current social distancing restrictions, however all our regular buyers were still in attendance, producing a very solid market throughout the day with prices consistent with markets across the state.

Bulls sold to a top of 298c/kg, while heavy cows topped at 264.2c/kg, medium cows sold 278.2c/kg and light restocker cows sold strongly, reaching 274.2c/kg.

Heavy steers over 400kg topped at 380c/kg while the lighter feeder steers up to 400kg sold to 420c/kg.

In the young cattle section, weaner steers from 200kg to 280kg made up to 454.2c/kg, with most sales of good quality steers making between 400c/kg and 450c/kg, while similar weight heifers generally made between 370c/kg and 426c/kg.

Veal to processors sold to 365c/kg.

Lightweight weaner steers under 200kg sold to 450c/kg, with similar weight heifers selling up to 425c/kg.

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