market report thursday 15 march 2018

Mixed Price Trends in Another Larger Yarding

Another large yarding of 975 mixed quality cattle were yarded at last Thursdays regular Fat Sale and Market Day. Continuing hot dry conditions over most of New South Wales has seen little competition from buyers any further west than Tamworth, although a new feedlot buyer from the Upper Hunter provided good competition on the better quality weaner calves. Prices were generally easier for most classes of younger cattle, while trends varied in the export section. 

The bulk of the yarding was once again made up of weaners, vealers and yearlings, with some nice lines of well bred calves on offer. The best lightweight weaner steers under 200kg topped at 340.2c/kg, back significantly on last fortnights sale, while the heifer portion in the same weight range generally sold from 260c/kg to a top of 314.2c/kg. Steers from 200kg to 280kg were also easier compared to last fortnights sale, topping at 338.2c/kg, while the heifer portion made between 250c/kg and 302.2c/kg. Veal to processors in this weight range topped at 286.2c/kg, which was 20 cents better than last fortnight. Heavy veal from 280kg to 330kg also sold to dearer rates, topping at 336.2c/kg, up 16 cents.

Grown heifers up to 330kg were back making to a top of 308.2c/kg, while those over 330kg were 10 cents dearer, reaching 290c/kg. Grown steers over 400kg were slightly easier, selling to 280.2c/kg. Just over 120 cows were penned, light cows to 400kg were 17 cents dearer, making up to 178.2c/kg, while medium weights from 400kg to 520kg were around firm, topping at 206.2c/kg. Heavy cows over 520kg were also firm, reaching 218.2c/kg, while the best bull made 222.2c/kg. 

    Top Average
Veal / Weaners Under 200kg 340.2 c/kg 250-325 c/kg
  201-280kg 338.2 c/kg 240-320 c/kg
  281-330kg 336.2 c/kg 260-310 c/kg
Steers Up to 400kg 270.2 c/kg 210-260 c/kg
  Over 401kg 280.2 c/kg 220-268 c/kg
Heifers Up to 330kg 308.2 c/kg 230-295 c/kg
Cows 400-520kg 206.2 c/kg 160-195 c/kg
  Over 521kg 218.2 c/kg 188-215 c/kg
Bull   222.2 c/kg  200.2 c/kg


market report thursday 1 march 2018

Larger Yarding meets Stronger Demand

A larger yarding of 1,026 head were presented at last Thursdays regular Fat Sale and Market Day, incorporating another feature Steer and Bullock Sale.  Some good falls of rain in areas of NSW and Queensland, along with the “promise” of more to come, saw the market lift across all categories, with a Queensland feedlot order, and a similar buyer from Northern NSW, under-pinning demand for the feeder steers and bullocks.

Lightweight weaner steers under 200kg sold to a top of 376.2 cents per kilo, 30 cents up on last sale, with almost all going back to re-stockers.  Steer weaners from 200-280kg topped at 358.2 cents per kilo for a nice line of Angus steers, which was 24 cents dearer than a fortnight ago.

Heifer weaners in the same weight range topped at 292.2 cents per kilo, with most sales between 250 cents and 278 cents per kilo.  Similar weight veal to processors topped at 268 cents per kilo, while the best bobby calf sold to 350.2 cents per kilo, and heavy veal topped at 320.2 cents per kilo.

A good line up of grown steers were penned, with feeder steers up to 400kg reaching 294.2 cents per kilo, while those over 401kg made up to 286.2 cents per kilo, 30 cents better than last sale.  There was only a handful of bullocks over 600kg, the best making 246.2 cents per kilo.

Light heifers up to 330kg topped at 336.2 cents per kilo, up 34 cents on last sale, while heavier heifers sold to 280.2 cents per kilo.  A good line up of cows sold well – light cows were up to 160 cents, while cows between 400-520kg topped at 208.2 cents per kilo, 16 cents better than last sale.  Cows over 521kg were 18 cents better, selling to 218.2 cents per kilo, while the best bull made 230 cents per kilo.