Market Report


Market Report – Fat Sale & Market Day

Thursday 1st of August 2019

Increased Yarding as Winter Weaner Sell Off Continues

Numbers increased to 1654 head at last Thursday’s regular Fat Sale and Market Day, with the bulk of the increase attributable to coastal producers offloading lightweight weaner calves as the long, dry winter continues. Quality overall was mixed, with a larger percentage of lighter conditioned cattle, which is understandable this time of year. Market trends were firm to dearer for most classes.

Almost half of the yarding consisted of lightweight weaner calves under 200kg, and while the better conditioned, well bred British, Euro and good quality Bos Indicus X calves sold well, lesser quality and conditioned cattle struggled. The best of the steers sold to a top of 284.2c/kg, 2 cents up on last sale, while the larger lines of good quality heifers generally sold from 210c/kg to 240c/kg. Heavier calves from 200kg to 280kg topped at 288.2c/kg, 6 cents better than last sale, while similar weight heifers were also strong, selling up to 274c/kg. Veal to processors in this weight range were around firm, topping at 246.2c/kg. the best of the heavy veal over 280kg made 278.2c/kg, 8 cents better than last sale.

Grown heifers were similar to slightly better compared to last sale, making up too 278.2c/kg, while grown steers were stronger – feeder steers from 300kg to 400kg sold to 296.2c/kg, with heavier steers reaching 276.2c/kg.

Cows jumped in numbers, with around 160 offered. Light cows up to 400kg were firm, selling to 186.2c/kg and averaging 156c/kg, while medium weights up to 520kg topped at 230.2c/kg to average 213.6c/kg.

A yarding of 20 bulls saw prices jumped 20 cents on last sale, the best making 250.2c/kg.



Market Report – Store & Breeder Sale

Saturday 10th of August 2019

Smaller Yarding sees Market Trends Firm!

Just under 300 mixed quality cattle were offered at last Saturday’s Store and Breeder Sale, where the market held firm for most classes, taking into consideration quality and condition.

Almost one third of the yarding was made up of steers, with $800 being top price paid for a pen of store conditioned Angus X yearling. Angus and Angus X weaner steers sold from $260 to $610.

Cows and calves were showing the signs of a tough winter, with the best unit making $1040, while the rest sold from $560 to $910. Only a handful of dry cows were sold, topping at $710, while a nice springing Brahman heifer made $780. Lightweight weaner heifers, mostly in store condition, sold from $150 to $490.



Market Report – Fat Sale & Market Day

Thursday 15th of August 2019

Winter Offload Continues – Calves Again Dominate Yarding

Just under 1400 head of mixed quality cattle were presented at last Thursday’s Regular Fat Sale and Market Day, with over 1000 head of the yarding comprising of weaners, vealers and yearlings, as the winter de-stock continues. A lot of the cattle on offer were lighter in condition, and while demand was still good for the heavier export, trade and veal cattle, the market again struggled for the lighter types.

Weaner calves up to 200kg were firm for the better types, again topping at 284.2c/kg, but lighter, rougher calves were harder to sell. This was show up in the average for this weight range, which dropped 10 cents to 178.3c/kg. Restocker calves were from 200kg to 280kg slipped 12 cents, reaching a top of 276.2c/kg for good quality Angus steers.

Well-shaped heifers in this weight range were generally firm to slightly dearer, topping at 260.2c/kg but generally selling from 220c/kg to 248c/kg. Veal to processors between 200kg to 280kg topped at 238.2c/kg, similar to last sale, while heavy veal from 280kg to 330kg were also firm, selling to 278.2c/kg.

Lightweight heifers up to 330kf were slightly dearer, making a top of 286.2c/kg, while those over 330kg topped at 284.2c/kg, up 6 cents on last sale.

 A much smaller yarding of grown steers saw the best make 280.2kg.

Around 130 cows were penned, with lightweights under 400kg falling 20 cents topping at 166.2c/kg. Medium weight cows from 400kg to 520kg were firm, reaching 232.2c/kg, while heavy cows over 520kg dropped 8 cents on last sale, making 238.2c/kg.

Another bigger line up of bulls sold to a top of 244.2c/kg.


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