Market Report

Market Report – Feature Steer & Heifer Sale

Thursday 3rd of October 2019

Strong Sale for Heavy Steers & Feeders!

Around 750 head were presented at yesterdays Feature Steer & Heifer Sale, with some good quality lines of heavier steers, feeder steers and heifers, and weaners, mostly reasonable to good condition. Buyers from Queensland feedlots competed strongly for the better quality cattle, with local Mid North Coast buyers a little more active after some recent rains.

Heavier steers and bullocks over 450kg, 4 tooth and better, sold to a top of 260.2c/kg for a pen of Angus X steers belonging to D and P Harwood. Heavy milk and 2 tooth feeder steers over 400kg were keenly sought after by Queensland feedlots, with a pen of Brangus steers belonging to Kristy Saul topping this category at 280.2c/kg. These were purchased by commission buyer David Gillett on behalf of Landmark Toowoomba, operating for a Queensland feedlot. Steve Smith’s pen of 365kg Angus feeders topped the light feeder steer section at 288.2c/kg, again heading to Toowoomba. Most pens in this 300kg to 400kg category sold from 230.2c/kg to 280c/kg, depending on condition and breed. Weaner steers up to 300kg topped at 264.2c/kg for a pen of Oakland Park Angus steers, while most weaner steers sold between 180c/kg and 255c/kg.

Around 150 heifers were penned, with heavier heifers over 300kg topping at 230.2c/kg for Steve Smith’s Brahman/Limousin X heifers, and Lesley Leonard’s Angus heifer. Most of the heavier heifers went to South West Queensland, bought by Elders Goondiwindi agent Jack Henshaw. Heavier weaner heifers topped at 232.2c/kg for Tony Styles’ Angus heifers, while lightweight weaner heifers generally made from 120c/kg to 170c/kg.


Market Report – Fat Sale & Market Day

Thursday 10th of October 2019

Lighter Yarding sees Stronger Market for Most Classes.

Just on 500 head of mixed quality cattle were offered at last Thursday’s Regular Fat Sale & Market Day.  A drop of 200 on last fortnight, with a fair percentage of the yarding showing the effect of the dry season on the coast. Despite this, prices were generally dearer for most categories.

Once again, the bulk of the yarding consisted of weaners, vealers and yearlings, including a run of around 40 bobby calves off one property. Restocker weaner steers under 200kg topped at 264.2c/kg, a jump of 18 cents compared to last sale, while similar weight heifers were firm to slightly dearer, selling to 162.2c/kg weaners and vealers from 200kg to 280kg sold to 260.0c/kg, 8 cents dearer than last sale, while similar weight veal to processors were generally firm, topping at 218.2c/kg, apart from a single sale at 236.2c/kg. heavy veal from 280kg to 330kg were in short supply, but prices rose 8 cents on last sale, with the best making 264c.0c/kg.

Grown heifers sold well, topping at 280.2c/kg for a pen of 557kg Angus heifers which was 14 cents stronger than last sale. There were too few grown steers to quote, and only 33 cows yarded, but prices were stronger in the market.

Light cows jumped 10 cents, reaching 158.2c/kg, medium weight cows rose 6 cents to sell to 224.2c/kg, and the best heavy cows rose to 238.2c/kg, 12 cents better than last sale.

The best bull made 242.2c/kg.


Market Report – Store & Breeder Sale

Saturday 12th of October 2019

Smaller Yarding Sees Cows & Calves on Hot Demand!

A smaller yarding of just over 200 head met with strong demand at last Saturday’s Store & Breeder Sale, with cow and calf prices jumping up to $400 above last month’s sale. Local buyers competed strongly with several traders from the Dorrigo area, who were keen to buy store breeders as their season there was turned around on the back of recent rains.

The small yarding of steers topped at $680, while most lightweight weaners sold from $360 to $600.

Around 50 cows and calves sold extremely well, topping at $1220 for a single unit belonging to K & K Gibson. Most sales for cows and calves ranged from $840 to $1150, with the average of $954 well up on last sale.

A very small penning of dry cows saw the best, a red tag F1 first calver make $1060. Yearling heifers sold to $600, while weaner heifers generally made from $250 to $590.

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