Market Report

Market Report – Store & Breeder Sale

Saturday 4th of January 2020

First Sale for 2020, A reflection of Dry Conditions.

Kempsey Stock & Land’s first sale for 2020, last Saturday’s Store and Breeder Sale, saw a yarding of 300 very mixed quality cattle, a definite reflection of the drought and recent fires along the eastern sea board. Demand was subdued for all but the dry cows, as most coastal land holders are more intent on offloading any excess stock than opportunity buying, due to a lack of feed, and in a growing number of instances, water.

About 75 steers were penned, with the bulk being lightweight weaners. A pen of store conditioned older bullocks topped this section at $950, while most weaner steers made around $150 to $600. Cows and calves followed, with the top unit making $850. Most sales were between $350 and $750, which was a reflection of the quality and condition of the yarding, while the average of the $492, which was well down on last sale.

The small number of dry cows bucked the trend and sold to reasonably strong competition, topping at $1040, with most sales of the better conditioned cows ranging from $650 to $900. A larger yarding of weaner heifers sold to $400, with most sales ranging from $140 to $350.

The best bull sold for $900.


Market Report – 31st Annual Steer & Bullock Sale

Thursday 9th of January 2020

Excellent Yarding saw Great Results for Vendors!

Kempsey Stock & Land’s Annual Steer and Bullock Sale is firmly established as one of the premier feature sales on the coast, and this year was no exception, with 2,200 cattle penned in front of a large gallery of buyers, vendors and onlookers. The vendors must take credit for presenting some magnificent lines of cattle under the worst drought seen on the Mid North Coast for the last 12 months, and while some lighter conditioned cattle were present, buyers commented on the quality and condition offered overall. This shone through in a market described by many as 20 to 30 cents per kilo dearer than comparable markets across the eastern seaboard this week for most classes.

In the market breakdown, heavy bullocks, 4 tooth to full mouth, over 500kg, sold to a top of 290.2c/kg, averaging 243c/kg. Most sales in this category ranged from 225c/kg to 268c/kg.

Heavy feeder steers, milk to 4 tooth, from 380kg to 500kg were keenly sought after from Queensland and Northern New South Wales feedlotters, topping at 296.2c/kg and averaging 269c/kg. Most sales in this category range from 248c/kg to 292c/kg light feeders and yearlings from 300kg to 380kg saw strong price rises also, topping at 294.2c/kg and averaging 264c/kg. Most sales varied from 245c/kg to 290c/kg in this category.

Weaner steers up to 300kg topped at 290.2c/kg, averaging 238.2c/kg and these generally sold from 180c/kg to 278c/kg.

The winners of our prizes are as follows:

  • Best Pen of Bullocks - Sponsored by the Havin Hino Kempsey
    • Winner – Killmore & Sons
    • Runner up – Killmore & Sons
  • Best Pen of Feeder Steers – Sponsored by Dee-Amber Rural Supplies
    • Winner –Greg Walker
    • Runner up – Andrew Tyne
  • Best Pen of Weaner Steers – Sponsored by Chemvet Australia
    • Winner – Dean Mitchell
    • Runner up – Dean Mitchell

Once again, our team would like to express our thanks to our vendors, buyers, sponsors and our hard working sale yard staff for their support and for once again making this sale a roaring success!


Market Report – Fat Sale & Market Day

Thursday 16th of January 2020

Promise of Rain sees Strong Lift in Market

With storm clouds building and he promise of good rains over the following few days, buyers drove prices upwards for most classes at Kempsey Stock & Land’s first fat sale for 2020. A yarding of 1240 mixed quality cattle were presented, with some larger lines of light conditioned store cows and plenty of lightweight weaners and vealers. Several northern slopes and tablelands buyers competed strongly with Queensland, Southern New South Wales and Hunter Valley orders, which saw strong gains in most categories.

Lightweight splitter and weaner calves, around 350 in total, met with much stronger competition than the end of 2019, with lightweight Angus steers, 140kg, selling to a top of 315.2c/kg, while the rougher conditioned calves met with less competition. The British and Angus X calves of both sexes in this weight range also sold strongly.

Vealers and weaners from 200kg to 280kg also met with more demand, topping at 296.2c/kg and averaging a very healthy 230.2c/kg. Medium weight veal to processors sold to a top of 242.2c/kg. Heavy veal over 280kg topped at 294.2c/kg, averaging 241.0c/kg.

A larger than normal line up of yearling and grown heifers saw those up to 330kg reaching a top of 264.2c/kg, while heavier heifers over 330kg topped at 268.2c/kg. Due to last week’s Feature Sale, a smaller run of grown steers saw light weights up to 400kg reach 290.0c/kg, while those over 400kg made up to 285.0c/kg.

A large run of plain conditioned cows under 400kg sold to 200.0c/kg, averaging 113.2c/kg. Medium weight cows from 400kg to 520kg sold to strong competition, selling to 232.2c/kg and averaging 179.0c/kg. Heavy cows were also keenly sought after, topping at 234.2c/kg and averaging 218.0c/kg.

A mixed penning of 21 bulls saw strong price gains against last sale, reaching a top of 272.2c/kg, and averaging 203.2c/kg.

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