market report thursday 15 february 2018

Prices Falter As Dry Conditions Take Hold

After a fortnight of hot dry weather across the Eastern Seaboard, numbers increased to 755 head at last Thursdays regular Fat Sale & Market Day. Prices generally eased across all classes in line with state wide trends, as even our local Mid North Coast producers start to feel the pinch for both feed and water after a particularly hot spell.
Approximately 70% of the yarding was made up of restocker weaners, vealers and yearlings. Younger, lighter calves up to 200kg were up to 25 cents cheaper compared to last sale, selling to a top of 346.2c/kg. Medium weight calves from 200-280kg lost 10 cents on last sale, topping at 330.2c/kg, while the average of 275c/kg was 7 cents below last fortnights average. Medium weight veal to processors topped at 276.2c/kg, back 10 cents on last sale. Heavy veal from 280kg to 380kg also lost 20 cents, selling to 304.2c/kg.
Yearling heifers up to 330kg were 16 cents easier, topping at 302.2c/kg, while those over 330kg remained firm on last sale, topping at 288.2c/kg. Grown steers slipped 10 cents, topping at 264.2c/kg.
Just under 100 cows were offered, with too few light cows to quote, while those between 400kg and 520kg were 6 cents cheaper, selling to 192.2c/kg. Heavy cows over 520kg slipped 4 cents, reaching 200.2c/kg, while the best bull made 216.2c/kg.  


MARKET REPORT saturday 10 february 2018

Last Saturdays regular Store & Breeder sale saw close to 400 of mixed quality cattle offered, with good numbers of steers, cows and calves, dry cows, and joined and un-joined heifers.  Most buyers were from the Mid North Coast areas, with the exception of a Tableland buyer operating on cows and calves.  Market trends varied on the day – the better quality cattle generally met strong competition, while buyers were more selective on the secondary types.

A good number of mixed quality steers sold strongly, with the best grown steers making $1,210, while good quality Angus weaners made $880.

Around 100 cows and calves were penned, with the highlight being a major dispersal of Ken Burke’s Angus and Brangus cross breeders out of Kinchela.  The best of these topped the cow and calf market at $1,760, while good Brangus units sold to $1,620 and $1,600.  The general run of the cows and calves sold from $1,000 to $1,550, averaging $1,224; However, some of the plainer, older units met with limited demand.

Preg tested and dry cows sold well, topping at $1,300, while a lovely Charolais cross red tag PTIC heifer belonging to Peter and Tracey Baldwin sold to $1,420.  Preg tested Angus and Brangus heifers reached $1,210, while un-joined age Angus cross heifers made $930, Charbray yearling heifers made $690 and a single Speckle Park heifer sold for $1,360.

Our next sale is our Market Day sale - Thursday 15 February.