Thursday 25th of February 2021

Market Day & Fat Sale

A smaller yarding of 520 cattle was presented at last Thursday’s regular fat sale and market day, with a good quality line up of weaners and yearlings, along with some good lightweight feeder steers.

It was another strong market on the day with Tablelands Backgrounders chasing the heavier weaners, while store cows were still keenly sought after.

Around 65 cows were penned seeing the light and medium weight store cows selling to a top of 346.2c/kg, medium weights averaging 321.5c/kg.

Heavy cows averaged 292.7c/kg and topped at 304.2c/kg, firm on last sale.

Grown heifers sold to 516.2c/kg to average 421c/kg, up 7 cents on last sale.

Light feeder steers up to 400kg topped at 500c/kg, up 30 cents, and those over 400kg sold to 420c/kg.

In the weaner and veal section, we saw a marked increase in calves over 200kg as compared to the light calves. The handful of weaner steers under 200kg topped at 670c/kg, while good quality steer weaner over 200kg sold to 618.2c/kg, which was around firm on last sale. Most steers in this weight range sold from 520c/kg to 595c/kg, while the heifer portion sold from 485c/kg to a top of 580c/kg.

A good run of calves over 280kg topped at 550c/kg to average 505.6c/kg.

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