Market Report – Fat Sale & Market Day

Thursday 10th of September 2020

 Prices Continue to Hold in the Wake of Another Large Sale!

Another large yarding of just under 1050 head were presented at last Thursday’s fat sale and market day with 75% of the run being weaners, vealers and yearlings. With an additional order operating from central west New South Wales, the market was once again very strong right across the board.

Around 100 cows were on offer with prices basically firm compared to last fortnights sale. Store cows sold up to 304.2c/kg, while heavy cows topped at 292.2c/kg and averaged 261.5c/kg.

Bulls topped at 340c/kg to average 270c/kg.

Grown heifers again sold exceptionally well, with an excellent run of Angus heifers which had been running with a bull and on crop, topping at 434.2c/kg, going back to local restockers. Most of this type of heifers sold from 340c/kg to 410c/kg.

Grown steers were slightly easier for the lightweights which topped at 455.2c/kg while the best of the heavier steers over 400kg sold to 384.2c/kg.

Weaner steers under 200kg were once again strong, topping at 580.2c/kg and generally selling from 480c/kg to 560c/kg. Heifers in this weight range sold to 535c/kg.

Calves from 200kg to 280kg were back a little on last sale, mainly due to quality, topping at 536.2c/kg, while heifers in this weight range generally sold from 400c/kg to 456c/kg. Heavier steer weaners from 280kg to 330kg topped at 456.2c/kg.

Market Report – Store & Breeder Sale

Saturday 5th of September 2020

Strong Competition starts September off Right!


A good quality yarding of just under 600 head saw very strong competition from Mid North Coast, Tablelands and the Hunter Valley buyers. There was an excellent line up of preg-tested heifers and cows which were keenly contested by coastal buyers seeking to replenish their breeding herds as the weather warms up and their pastures start to jump out of the ground.

A mixed line up of steers saw grown steers sell to $1620, while Angus and Brangus weaner steers topped at $1160 and a single Charolais weaner steer sold for $1180. A nice Charolais bull topped at $3000 A/C Fine Design Charolais and a stock horse gelding presented by A/C G Everingham sold for $7000.

Around 80 cows and calves were penned with a single Charolais unit making $2850. Most cows and calves from $1650 to $2400 and they averaged $1768 per head.

We the moved onto a lovely line up of preg-tested females, with an outstanding run of black Limousin cows and heifers on A/C S Harry, topping this section at $2620. A magnificent pen of red tag Charbray heifers sold for $2020 and a pen of Black Baldy heifers sold for $2080. Unjoined Angus heifers sold to $1650, while weaner heifers made up too $1110.


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