• Do you have a National Vendor Declaration/Waybill?
  • Do you have a National Cattle Health Declaration?
  • Do you have full LPA accreditation?
  • Have you sold through Kempsey Stock & Land Pty Ltd before?
  • Do your cattle have NLIS devices?
  • Have you completed "Russian & Saudi Eligible" in Question 9?


National Vendor Declaration (NVD) / Waybill

The National Vendor Declaration (NVD)/Waybill is a declaration by the producers regarding the food safety status for the livestock being sold. The NVD/Waybill is also a legal document for the transportation of livestock. It is important that the NVD/Waybill is correct and fully completed and must accompany livestock to the saleyards.

To order a National Vendor Declaration book or Emergency NVD or to find out more, visit the MLA website


National Cattle Health Declaration

From 1 July 2017, Kempsey Stock & Land Pty Ltd will be encouraging vendors to provide a National Cattle Health Declaration along with their National Vendor Declaration (NVD) each time they sell.

You can download a fillable PDF National Cattle Health Declaration below.

National Health Declaration 


Client Declaration Form 

If you have not sold cattle through Kempsey Stock & Land before, you will need to complete a Client Declaration form.Click here to download a form or call the office on 6562 6600

If you have only ever purchased cattle through Kempsey Stock & Land please contact the office on 6562 6600 to check all your details are correct.


If it has been some time since you last sold cattle through Kempsey Stock & Land or you need to update your details, please complete a Client Declaration form or call the office on 6562 6600.


Russian & Saudi Eligibility

Vendors are required to write "Russian & Saudi Eligible" in Question 9 on the National Vendor Declaration.

Cattle are Saudi Eligible if they have not been fed animal fats.

Cattle are Russian Eligible if they have not been injected with or ingested feed products containing oxytetracycline or chlortetracycline in the last 90 days.

For further information on Russian Eligibility, please click here