MARKET REPORT thursday 12 october 2017


prices skyrocket for younger cattle on back of widespread rain


A smaller yarding of only 360 head were penned at last Thursdays regular Fat Sale and Market Day Sale, with 2/3’s of the yarding comprising vealers and re-stocker weaners.  The low numbers and widespread rain across a good portion of NSW combined to lift prices for the younger cattle by up to 95c a kilo on last sale in some places.  The light yarding of grown steers was 56c dearer on a fortnight ago, heifers managed similar gains, while the cow market varied.

Lightweight re-stocker weaner steers under 200kg were keenly sought after, with the top price of 414.2c/kg being 86c dearer than last fortnights sale.  Similar weight heifers topped at 354.2c/kg, with both pens belonging to Homewood Farms.  Re-stocker steers between 200kg and 280kg sold to 410.2c/kg a whopping 95c a kilo dearer than last sale, with similar weight heifers reaching 342.2c/kg.  Veal to processors in this weight range were also much dearer, selling to 306.2c/kg.  There were only a handful of heavier calves from 280kg to 330kg, and these made up to 334.2c/kg, 54c up on a fortnight ago.

Grown heifers over 330kg reached 328.2c/kg, 50c better than last sale, while the few grown steers made up to a top of 316.2c/kg, 56c better.

Lightweight re-stocker cows were very strong, reaching 262c/kg, another considerable jump.  Cows 400kg to 520kg were 14c dearer, topping at 220c, while heavy cows were 7c dearer, reaching 210.2c/kg. 

The best bull made 238.2c/kg, 16c cheaper than last sale.                              

  Weight Top Price
Young Cattle: Up to 200kg 414.2c/kg – up 86c/kg
  201kg to 280kg 410.2c/kg – up 95c/kg
  281kg to 330kg 334.2c/kg – up 54c/kg
Veal to Processors:   306.2c/kg
Heifers: Over 330kg 328.2c/kg – up 50c/kg
Steers: 330kg to 600kg 316.2c/kg – up 56c/kg
Cows: Up to 400kg 262c/kg
  401kg to 520kg 220c/kg – up 14c/kg
  Over 521kg 210.2c/kg – up 7c/kg
Bulls:   238.2c/kg


Our next Fat Sale and Market Day is Thursday 26th October 2017.