MARKET REPORT thursday 7 december 2017


Final Fat Sale for 2017 brings strong results

Kempsey Stock & Land’s final Fat Sale and Market Day for 2017 saw a good quality line up of around 650 head, which once again drew strong competition, with all regular buyers in attendance, in addition to a new store buyer from the Northern Slopes.  Weaners, vealers and yearlings once again made up the bulk of the numbers in what could only be described as a very strong market for our final Fat Sale for the year.

Lightweight British bred weaner calves under 200kg sold to a very healthy 408.2c/kg, up 16c/kg on last fortnights sale, while steer calves from 201-280kg topped at 394.2c/kg, another solid rise of 18c/kg.  Heavy veal from 281-330kg made to a top of 348.2c/kg, up 8c/kg on last sale.  Medium weight veal to processors from 200-280kg reached 314.2c/kg, while the best bobby calves made 344.2c/kg

Grown cattle also sold very well, with yearling heifers up to 330kg topping at 360.2c/kg, while those over 331kg peaked at 332.2c/kg – both categories experiencing price gains compared to last sale.  Grown steers up to 400kg made to a top of 316.2c/kg, slightly back on last sale, while steers over 401kg were 34c/kg better than last sale, reaching 298.2c/kg.

Around 80 cows were penned, with most classes more or less on par with last sale.  Lightweight cows up to 400kg made up to 212.2c/kg, up 2c/kg, while medium weight cows from 401-520kg topped at 228.2c/kg, down 2c/kg.  Cows over 521kg topped at 226.2c/kg, while the best bull made 248.2c/kg.




Young Cattle:

Up to 200kg



201kg to 280kg



281kg to 330kg


Veal to Processors:




Up to 330kg



Over 331kg



Up to 400kg



Over 401kg



Over 600kg



Up to 400kg



401kg to 520kg



Over 521kg






Don’t forget our final sale for the year is our Store & Breeder Sale this Saturday December 16th.



MARKET REPORT saturday 2 december 2017


Store & Breeder Sale

Numbers were back compared to the last Store and Breeder sale, with just under 300 head penned in front of a good crowd of buyers, vendors and on-lookers.  Coastal re-stockers and Northern Tablelands backgrounders formed the bulk of the buying gallery, as the season really starts to kick into gear and the grass starts growing.

Around 100 steers and bullocks were penned, with the best grown steers making $1310.  Lightweight Angus weaner steers sold to $870, and a Brangus bull sold for $1800.

Around 55 cows and calves were penned and sold to a top to $1800 for some good quality Charolais matrons, and a single Black Baldy unit.  Most cow and calf sales ranged from $1100 to $1600, averaging out at $1290.

A smaller yarding of dry cows saw the best make $1300, with the cows averaging $958.  A very nice Charolais heifer topped this section at $1500, with most sales for grown heifers ranging from $850 to $1300.

Weaner heifers topped at $830, while a nice line of unjoined Angus yearling heifers sold to $980.